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Old-style concentrated liquid soap
Old-style means using traditional methods, where plant oils are heated in a caldron. When naturally-derived potassium is added to the hot oil, it sets off a chemical reaction: the formation of soap. The master soapmaker supervises this entire operation, and determines the cooking time, temperature, mixture proportions, etc.
The soap paste obtained is then diluted with water from the Alps. This concentrated soap solution comprises the raw material that our customer uses to produce liquid soap.

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Ready for delivery in tank trucks
For many of our customers, we provide various finishing processes (texture, colour, scent) at our plant, based on a detailed statement of specifications.
In cooperation with our master soapmaker and quality assurance manager, our laboratory strives comply with the regulatory requirements of the countries where our products are to be sold (which differ, for example, between the U.S., the EU, Japan, etc.). Samples are regularly tested in order to validate the high level and constancy of the quality of our products.

At this stage, our liquid soap can be delivered in 25-tonne tank trucks, in 1,000 kg cubitainers or packaged on-site in bottles.

Installed in closed clean rooms, our packaging lines are equipped with fillers, labellers and batchers suitable for use with all types of bottles, from 50 mL to 5 L.

Packing in boxes and on pallets is also done by our own personnel.

Raw materials, packing materials and finished products are stored right on our premises, which allows us to respond quickly to customer requests, be in full control of storage and hygiene conditions and guarantee that our products are traceable.

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